How to Care for your Hairlink Tape Extensions

  • After the application of tape extensions, you must wait 48 hours to wet hair this allows enough time for the tape adhesive to form a bond with the hair.
  • You must not apply any colour to your hair for 7 days.
  • Only use our recommended hair care products which guarantees our high-quality hair.
  • Use conditioner, mask and oils only on the mid-length and ends of the extensions avoiding the tape area as anything too moisturising can cause the tapes to slip out.
  • When combing or brushing the hair always start from the bottom working your way up to the top.
  • The glimmer shine spray must be applied to the hair extensions daily to keep them hydrated.
  • When sleeping tie extensions in a low ponytail or plait to keep them neat while you sleep.
  • Do not bleach the extensions.
  • Any colour alterations of the extensions are not recommended and are done so at your own risk and we will not be liable for any damaged caused to the extensions.
  • When swimming or at the beach apply our silky smooth hair serum to the extensions and plait the extensions or tie extensions in a tight bun to keep them hydrated and tangle free.

Following this guide will maximise the results you will get out of your extensions to maintain the high quality of the extensions.